20-Jul-2018Hope, RI(7 miles)Education Jobs
I have an associates degree in General Studies from Capital Community College and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. I am now a Animal Science student at University of Rhode Island and would like to help other with their own education! I study enjoy the sciences as well as liberal arts studies including sociology, psychology and philosophy. I love working with kids from elementary school age right up to...
20-Jul-2018Warren, RI(14 miles)Education Jobs
I am a tutor and a substitute teacher. I went to Rhode Island College where I received my B.A. in English. I have been recently delving into the area of esl which I find to be quite interesting. I also play the bass and have a small painting business. I believe that reading and writing are the cornerstones of a quality education, master them and the rest will be attainable.
I am a substitute teacher for the district of Cumberland. I have a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and a concentration in Mathematics. I have extensive background with elementary level students and working with them to become successfully proficient within their grade level. I also work for an after school program at a Segue Institute for Learning called "The Homework Club." I help students ...
20-Jul-2018Providence, RI(3 miles)Education Jobs
I am a highly educated individual, experienced teacher and tutor and a certified translator. I am professional, dedicated and always willing to learn and improve my areas of ability. I have background working for a tutoring company with children of different ages, backgrounds and cultures, mostly from Latin America. I enjoy working with children because to me there is nothing more rewarding tha...
I have been a tutor at Bristol Community College in fall River,Ma since September of 2012. I tutor basic Portuguese, Spanish, English, U.S. History, World History and Reading. I have also worked as an ESL tutor. I also work as a free lance Portuguese language interpreter/translator. I am a graduate of Bristol Community College in Fall River, Ma and of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth i...
I am a semi-retired teacher/counselor with tutoring background regarding tests. I taught grades 4-12 over a ten year period. I have five years background in counseling children. I have developed many coping skills and strategies to reduce and manage test anxiety which I feel is equally important as knowledge of subject matter. I also have studied abroad and tutored others in English.
20-Jul-2018Barrington, RI(10 miles)Education Jobs
I am a graduate of The Lincoln School in Providence, a college prep school and a graduate of Connecticut College. I scored very close to a perfect score on the reading section of the SAT. I am a comprehensive reader and have tutored in the past. I know many strategies for multiple choice tests and other best practices for reading. An example would be I would assist a student with marking up the...
20-Jul-2018Rumford, RI(8 miles)Education Jobs
I have worked as a writing tutor at the collegiate level for a year. During that time I also participated in a tutoring class that included comprehensive training in tutoring theory, skills and methods. With the combination of 50+ hours of practical tutoring background and 20+ hours of classroom background, I am a College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certified Advanced Tutor. I have ...
20-Jul-2018Providence, RI(3 miles)Education Jobs
I am a recent college graduate with a degree in English and Political Science, and I am passionate about helping others learn. I am also certified to teach English as a Foreign Language, which means that I love and thoroughly understand the English language! In addition to a few months of teaching background, I also have background tutoring students from a variety of backgrounds, including inte...
20-Jul-2018Johnston, RI(3 miles)Education Jobs
I am currently a junior attending Roger Williams university working toward my B.A. in Theatre and French with a minor in Italian Studies. I have been teaching myself Italian since I was 15 yrs old and was fortunate enough to have done a semester abroad in Florence, Italy and become fluent in the language. I have also been studying French since I was fourteen years old and have taken courses thr...
College graduate with an Associate's Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Finance. I have background tutoring a wide variety of subjects such as reading and writing to physics and mathematics. Experienced in test preparation for the GED, SAT, and GMAT as well. References upon request.
20-Jul-2018Smithfield, RI(9 miles)Education Jobs
Hello! I am an public elementary school special education teacher. I have significant background with the Common Core Standards, state & national curriculum in grades 1 through 8th. Additionally, my area of specialization is in behavior management and modification as well as management skills and strategies. As your childs tutor, we will develop a working plan for success and tailor that plan p...
My name is Daniel Johnson and I am a 26 yr old educator. I hold undergraduate degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology as well as my Master's of Education in School Counseling. I currently work as the Service Coordinator for the Northern school districts in the Transitional School Services program at Perspectives Corporation. I have availability in the evenings beginning at 5/5:30 and las...
20-Jul-2018Newport, RI(21 miles)Education Jobs
I love teaching! For 9yrs I have been a substitute teacher in the elementary school systems in Maryland and in Virginia. Although my degree is in music, I have taught most subjects. What I don't know I go the extra step to find what I need to do to teach the subject matter in a fun and interesting way. Over the course of the years, I have learned some great teaching methods from teachers that a...
20-Jul-2018Mansfield, MA(24 miles)Education Jobs
I am a licensed educator with years of background within the classroom k-5 with a variety of students and learning styles. I have also been tutoring students outside the classroom for a vast array of different needs, from grades one 7. I truly enjoy the individualized instruction that comes with tutoring and being able to support a child's academic success.
I have taught and subbed in various school districts such as Woonsocket, Pawtucket, East Providence, and Bristol/Warren. I have also have been a behavior technician for Gateway Healthcare. I have been a long-term substitute as a Reading Specialist and an English teacher. I received a B.A in English at Rivier University and my teaching certification at Providence College.
20-Jul-2018Barrington, RI(10 miles)Education Jobs
Erica earned a Ph.D. in Communications and has taught a number of university courses. As an experienced speaker and writer, she enjoys helping students and professionals articulate their ideas through oral and written communications. When she worked as a writing tutor at a university, she assisted undergraduate students across disciplines and advised many graduate students on larger research pr...
20-Jul-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Education Jobs
Experiential and multimodal learning is essential to my teaching and tutoring practices. My experiences in and out of the classroom have taught me that students will better retain and ultimately relate to material when they have a hand in not only creating it, but also reacting to it, on both personal and social levels. In this respect, my philosophy also embraces the importance of self-evaluat...
20-Jul-2018Providence, RI(3 miles)Education Jobs
Hello! I am currently a Masters in Public Health student with a knack for getting relatively complex ideas through to students who are seeking to understand. While I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, I have done most premed classes and have found myself tutoring my classmates and younger students on topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I am patient and dedicated and like to...
20-Jul-2018Portsmouth, RI(19 miles)Education Jobs
Friendly, patient, upbeat person with 20yrs of science teaching background at the middle school level; I hold a biology degree and marine and environmental studies coursework. If you need writing assistance, I can also help you, as I taught writing and grammar for 5 yrs as well. I am currently teaching English as 2nd Language to adults.
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