16-Oct-2018Providence, RI+3 milesItems Wanted
having a baby and in November 2018 and do not have any thing. If anyone is willing to donate clothes, etc. It would be greatly appreciated
15-Oct-2018Providence, RI+3 milesItems Wanted
Ironing board, and iron if you have it. The board is more important though. Thank you!
15-Oct-2018Providence, RI+3 milesItems Wanted
If anyone has any harry potter dvds you no longer want I'd be glad to take them. My brother hasn't seen any harry potter movies before but he would love to watch them.
15-Oct-2018Providence, RI+3 milesItems Wanted
Posts from the weekend offering things that the EP Elks Lodge could use prompted me to make this post. We are always able to put to good use all kitchen, cooking, baking, and office items. We also have a "bank" (in conjunction with other lodges across the state) of medical appliances (i.e., wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, etc.) that we lend or donate. Thank you.
14-Oct-2018Providence, RI+3 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a plastic or wood med. dog house in decent condition. Some cosmetic or clean up work is fine as long as it is functional and will keep my dog out of the weather. Can pick up Thank you in advance !
14-Oct-2018Attleboro, MA+15 milesItems Wanted
Black water portable rv tank. Also anything including awning. Thank u
14-Oct-2018Attleboro, MA+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a shelf unit three shelfs or more ty
13-Oct-2018Woonsocket, RI+16 milesItems Wanted
I just had kidney surgery yesterday and I'm in need of a portable commode if you have one no longer in use please contact me at 4012578116 text or call or email at lindasantos061717@gmail.com Thank you in advance Linda
13-Oct-2018Woonsocket, RI+16 milesItems Wanted
Our refrigerator is on its last leg. If anyone is getting rid of one please let me know
13-Oct-2018Woonsocket, RI+16 milesItems Wanted
I'm in need of a winter jacket please contact me if you have one thank you in advance
13-Oct-2018Woonsocket, RI+16 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for 5t boy shirts and 4t pants, would be extra helpful if you could deliever or meet close to my location. Thank you in an advance
12-Oct-2018Warwick, RI+5 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a Hand truck or dolly. Even to borrow would be greatly appreciated!
12-Oct-2018Warwick, RI+5 milesItems Wanted
Looking for two mats for the carpet for an exercise bike and for a treadmill. Thankyou
12-Oct-2018Warwick, RI+5 milesItems Wanted
looking for folding adult bicycle
12-Oct-2018Warwick, RI+5 milesItems Wanted
Looking for peach,pears,ruhbarb, berries. Will harvest if needed
12-Oct-2018Warwick, RI+5 milesItems Wanted
plastic tote 3 drawer
12-Oct-2018Warwick, RI+5 milesItems Wanted
Hi, Looking for a stove, it doesn't have to be pretty it just has to work. gas Propane or electric it doesn't matter but would prefer gas but that's just wishful thinking. I'll even take one that doesn't have all the burners working as long as there are a few and the oven works. Thanks in advance for your generosity.
12-Oct-2018Warwick, RI+5 milesItems Wanted
My dog was just diagnosed with early kidney failure & needs prescription food. It is so expensive. It is too expensive to buy a bag or case of cans before I know if she will even eat it. If anyone has some they no longer need I would appreciate it.
12-Oct-2018Plainville, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
Working on a Christmas project and need a piece of Rigid Conduit 1 1/2" in diameter and 10' long. HD and Lowes don't carry that size. Thanks for the help.
12-Oct-2018Plainville, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
In need of a small square kitchen table with 3 to 4 chairs
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